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Hello all Mutizen of the MuAsean continent, after the long process of Private Test, and Alphatest. The BQT team operating Mu Asean would like to inform all residents of the Mu Asean continent about news of the Close Beta and Open Beta process in the coming time.

Close Beta schedule players can read here:

Open Beta period

Time: 19h – 21/11/202

Server: Memory – Memory

Type: Open Beta (Open Official)

Continent Mu Asean and OBT stage

Mu Asean with Season 16 platform, is the latest release from NPH. In the past period we have gone through a lot of testing and commissioning processes. Mu Asean’s BQT team would like to thank all Mutizen for accompanying the Developer team as well as the Admin.

MuOnline Season 16 with many improvements and new event systems, more diverse types of bosses. With a diverse system of characters and convenient auto features. Now players can easily get acquainted and start returning to this land.

If you are looking back to the old feeling, want to challenge a new one. Mu Asean Season 16 is definitely your stopover. MuAsean with a large number of members, Game Master team working professionally with events is operated properly and according to the NPH process.

What you get after the version of Close Beta

Overcome challenges and receive exclusive CBT rewards. Close Beta Beta participants who meet the requirements will receive a CBT award in the Open Beta Trial.

Terms of CBT participation in Bonuses:

  1. CBT character Participants must at least join the CTC event during the CBT session.
  2. CBT participants must have a total game login time more than 6 hours.

Giftcodes for players who have joined CBT

Giftcode is only for players present at CBT version  (Close Beta)

  • Jewel of Bless – x10
  • Jewel of Chaos – x10
  • Jewel of Chaos – x10
  • Jewel of Creation – x5
  • Bless of Light (200% exp gain) x 1

(Each player has only 1 account to receive this gift)

To be able to update the fastest news, attend the events to receive more valuable gifts. Mutizens can follow MuAsean’s facebook group at:

If you have any questions or support, please email us or contact fanpage and email: [email protected]

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